Meat Alternatives

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Breakfast Bites Breakfast Bites Big Mountain Foods 280G $8.37
Breakfast Links Breakfast Links Big Mountain Foods 300G $8.54
Broccoli Boost Broccoli Boost Big Mountain Foods 340G $8.37
Textured Vegetable Protein Textured Vegetable Protein Bob's Red Mill 340g $5.37
Frankfurters Frankfurters Field Roast Non-GMO 6PK $9.57
Italian Sausages Italian Sausages Field Roast Non-GMO 368G $9.57
Sausages Apple Sage Sausages Apple Sage Field Roast Non-GMO 368G $9.57
Veggie Burgers Veggie Burgers Field Roast Non-GMO 368G $11.09
Pate Herb Pate Herb Hornby Island 1EA $8.99
Pate Red Pepper & Garlic Pate Red Pepper & Garlic Hornby Island 1EA $8.99
BacUn BacUn Plant Base Local 200g $15.65
Damn!Burger Damn!Burger Plant Base Local 400g $15.65
Mixed Ground Meatz Mixed Ground Meatz Plant Base Local 400g $14.52
NotRod NotRod Plant Base Local 120g $15.65
Peppernoni Peppernoni Plant Base Local 200g $12.10
Porkornot Chipotle Nawsage Porkornot Chipotle Nawsage Plant Base Local 400g $15.65
PorORnot Smoky Maple Nawsage PorORnot Smoky Maple Nawsage Plant Base Local 400g $15.65
Texas BBQ Rybs Texas BBQ Rybs Plant Base Local 375g $12.90
Wack Forest Ham Wack Forest Ham Plant Base Local 200g $11.27
Herb Vege Pate Herb Vege Pate Salt Spring Harvest Local 200G $8.67
Bangers Bangers Very Good Butcher Local 400g $10.77
Burger Burger Very Good Butcher Local 432g $11.77
Ground Beeefy Ground Beeefy Very Good Butcher Local 340g $11.47
Ground Porrrky Ground Porrrky Very Good Butcher Local 340g $11.47
Smokin Bangers Smokin Bangers Very Good Butcher Local 432g $10.77
Smokin' Burger Smokin' Burger Very Good Butcher Local 432g $11.77
Spicy Meatballs Spicy Meatballs Very Good Butcher Local 340g $11.47
Stuffed Beast Stuffed Beast Very Good Butcher Local 1400gEACH $39.99
Taco Stuffer Taco Stuffer Very Good Butcher Local 300g $8.84
7Grain Crispy Tenders 7Grain Crispy Tenders Gardein Non-GMO 255G $6.54
BBQ Wings Sweet & Tangy BBQ Wings Sweet & Tangy Gardein Non-GMO 255G $6.54
Black Bean Burger Black Bean Burger Gardein Non-GMO 340G $6.54
Crabless Cakes Crabless Cakes Gardein Non-GMO 205G $6.54
Crispy Chicken Mandarin Orange Crispy Chicken Mandarin Orange Gardein Non-GMO 300G $6.54
Crispy Fingers Chipotle Lime Crispy Fingers Chipotle Lime Gardein Non-GMO 270G $6.54
Fish Free Golden Filet Fish Free Golden Filet Gardein Non-GMO 288G $6.54
The Ultimate Beefless Ground The Ultimate Beefless Ground Gardein Non-GMO 288G $6.54
Turky Cutlet Turky Cutlet Gardein Non-GMO 300G $6.54